FKT: Renee Koma - Ironstone Loop (PA) - 2021-04-03

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
3h 39m 49s
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I'm really just a die-hard backpacker that runs around the woods sometimes. As such, I noticed there were no FKT's on the local Ironstone Loop, which is part of the Mid State Trail system. 

"Cool," I thought, "I like to suffer and set the bar low." So I did. I'm terrible at running and I get lonely, so I enlisted my two good friends to meet me at a road crossing to remind me that I'm a little crazy and to give me some pretzels. Pretty much any self-respecting runner that frequents this website could beat my time, but the goal here was really to have "fun" and inch my way towards being a real runner someday soon. I'm sure I'll be back to try again when I know how to go fast. But for now I'm just a pretty good power hiker.

This was the first run of this length I've ever done. By mile 9 I was ready to fold myself up into a compact square and roll into the lake, but I decided to hike fast and eat some goldfish instead. I rolled an ankle on the three-mile downhill on the Crownover Trail, and in order to avoid yelling F%*@K I shouted YEEHAW and scared a deer away, for which I am deeply sorry. 

Anyway, thanks to Keaton and Jello for waiting around for almost four hours. At least you got barbecue out of it. Thanks to the sky for not raining, and thanks to that one groundhog for being cute and fuzzy. 

If someone else could please set a real FKT on this route, I'd bake you homemade bread. Besides, this route is considered "vintage" now or something, so that makes it cool, I think. Until next year...

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