FKT: Rhonda-Marie Avery, Robin Brunet, Lizzy Hughes, Catherine Kelly - Thames Valley Trail (ON, Canada) - 2015-11-08

Gender category
Route variation
Standard route
Finish date
Total time
1d 2h 40m

Saturday Nov 7 6:18am myself (Rhonda-Marie Avery), Robin Brunet, Lizzy Hughes, Catherine Kelly departed from the south end of the Thames Valley Trail, road side, south of Delaware.  We were supported by a crew of two; Clay Williams and Steven Park.  The trail is 110km in length and ends in St. Mary's ON, behind the tennis courts.  We arrived there Sunday 8:58am, for an OKT/FKT of 26hrs 40min.  

I'd like to point out, not only did this amazing group of women accomplish some tough terrain in leaf covered, chilled conditions; but we were also shot at by a hunter, charged at by an insane beaver, carried an injured girl off trail and returned to finish our task and all three of them took turns guide running for myself (8% vision) with endless kms and fatigue on their legs.  

An Epic adventure to be sure.  

There's a nice blog post on this run here: (added by admin)