FKT: Richard McChesney - TFL London's 270 Underground Stations (United Kingdom) - 2020-09-09

Route variation
any route
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Total time
5d 20h 18m 3s

Starting on 3rd September 2020 I visited all of London's 270* underground tube stations on foot.  To my knowledge I'm the first person to do this.  I describe the adventure in detail in the attached video which also includes 270 selfies taken in front of each tube station.  All photos are time-stamped to show the time I was at each station.

My walk was self-supported in that I visited shops and fast food restaurants for food, but did not accept assistance from anyone during the walk.

I will write a full report at…

But for the time being, the attached video contains all necessary information to support this FKT

* Note: due to Covid19, Heathrow terminal 4 was closed and as the tube station is inside the airport terminal, the closest I could get was the doors to the airport terminal, about 50 meters from the tube station entrance.
Also, the tube station at Heathrow terminal 1/2/3 is within the airport parameter.  To get to this tube stop I caught the bus from the Nene Road bus stop on Bath Road to Heathrow Central bus stop, visited the tube station and then caught the bus back to the same bus stop on Bath Road.  See further explanation in the attached video.

Note also, my Garmin recorded a total of 538km which includes the 4km recorded while visiting Heathrow terminal 1/2/3, but I noticed that my Garmin was also recording additional mileage whenever I was inside shops. My estimated total distance walked is 523km/325 miles.