Route: TFL London's 270 Underground Stations (United Kingdom)

Submitted by richardmcchesney on Sat, 08/29/2020 - 11:59am
United Kingdom
300 mi

London's TFL underground network has 270 tube stations servicing 11 separate tube lines.

There is no fixed route for this FKT. The athlete needs to visit all 270 stations and return to the station they started at, but may visit them in any order and start/finish at the station of their choice.

'Visit' means visiting the station itself. There is no requirement to go into the station.  Proof of visit is a selfie photo in front of the station, preferably with the name of the station visible.  Please ensure that the photos retain their original metadata (social media will strip the metadata, which contains, among other things, the time at which the photo was taken.)  Please also submit your GPS track!

It is estimated that the most efficient route will cover about 300 miles of ground.

Note: The tube station at Heathrow Terminal 1/2/3 is not accessible by foot as it is within the airport boundary.  The athlete must visit this station by TFL public transport (bus or tube) and return to the point where he/she gets on the bus/tube before continuing to the next station. All the other 269 stations must be visited on foot in a continuous route travelling from one station to the next.

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I'll be attempting this starting on Thursday 3rd September. I'll be starting at Richmond Station and will do all the outlying stations to first , starting with the west then north then east and south of London before arriving in London itself probably on Sunday. Hoping to complete all 270 stations in under five days. I won't carry a tracker but will post updates and photos via facebook and twitter. My planned route is here.