FKT: Richard McDowell - Wandle Trail (United Kingdom) - 2021-08-15

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1h 2m 38s
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I've lived very close to the Wandle Trail for several years, and a large proportion of my runs include a section, either running from near the middle all the way to the mouth or the source, but not the entire length.  After hearing David Bone being interviewed on the Fastest Known Podcast I thought I ought to have a crack at my most local FKT, which he set.  My last FKT was the Capital Ring, also previously held by David.  I had actually attempted this a couple of weeks prior but it wasn't my day, and I pulled the plug before halfway, but this day went well.  Easy 6km warm-up to the start, nice cool conditions, firm underfoot, no navigational issues and just slightly slower than marathon race pace.  A solo early-morning trip.  Steady 7km cool-down to finish.  A bit of Maurten and a Caffeine Bullet before the start.  I didn't take any photos during my run, but include some from my many previous trips up and down the Wandle.