FKT: Rickey Gates - Maroon Bells 4 Passes Loop (CO) - 2012-08-26

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 35m 26s

Rickey Gates had a go at the route on August 26, 2012. In his blog he wrote: "I have been chasing Tony’s FKT on the Four Pass loop for a couple years mostly because the trail is in my back yard and I’ll be damned if some out-of-town, truck-dwelling hippie lays claim to an FKT on my turf." He completed the loop in 4h35m26s, a new FKT. Gates started the run with none other than Lance Armstrong, who also ran an excellent time of about 5h40m. Gates' splits were as follows:
16’55 - 16’55 Crater Lake Split
54’58 – 38’02 Buckskin Pass
1:24’38 – 29’40 Snowmass Lake Split
1:51’05 – 26’27 Trailrider Pass
2:21’28 – 30’22 North Fork Crossing
3:11’11 – 49’43 Frigid Air Pass
3:40’38 – 29’26 West Maroon Pass
4:21’34 – 40’56 Crater Lake Split
4:35’26 – 13’51 Trailhead