FKT: Rob Erskine - Mummy Mania (CO) - 2019-08-11

Route variation
Bill Briggs loop route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
7h 38m 7s

Start Lawn Lake Trailhead. Climb Lawn Lake Trail to Ypsilon Lake Trail. Climb Ypsilon Lake Trail until leaving trail at best point to gain the East Ridge of Mount Chiquita. Summit Mount Chiquita and then continue on with the standard Mummy Mania route, finishing back at Lawn Lake Trailhead. Mount Chapin, included in the standard route, is skipped in this route.

I believe this must have been the Mummy Mania route variation that Bill Briggs completed in 1979 in about 9 hours, as mentioned under the Mummy Mania page on the FKT website. I could not find any report of a faster time on this route since then.