FKT: Rob Manley, Nicholas Capille - Martinez Mountain (CA) - 2021-02-20

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Pinyon round trip
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3h 56m 53s
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Rob opted for a 6:30am start which I hesitantly agreed to.  We got our start just then descending quickly on the Cactus Spring Trail.  Shortly after mile 5 we realized we had made a small navigation error but quickly found ourselves climbing up the rocky gully to the saddle. Slow moving here!  About halfway up we started feeling strong winds which later we would be running directly into.  At the saddle we scrambled 2 rock slabs to the peak.  The wind was ripping at 47 miles in the valley so I can only expect 50+ for the summit.  We got a few photos: I drank a coke and we headed back down the gully.  Most rocks were stable, but caution was needed.  A few rolled ankles later we made it back to the wash approaching the dreaded uphill finish directly into the wind.  A quick splash in the creek and we grinded out the last few miles making it back to the cars just under 4 hours.  This trip was well worth that 6:30am start!