FKT: Rob Manley - Santa Rosa Mountain (CA) - 2022-09-10

Route variation
car to car
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Total time
3h 52m 10s
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I hadn’t had much of a chance to run a few months prior to this effort due to life stuff and nursing an injury but was dying to get on this road and see what the ol’ legs could do. We had a tropical storm move through and somewhat finish an hour before I started my run, so I knew I may have to turn around if the T-storms resurfaced. Instead of returning, they left the place looking like a rainforest which I was fine with as long as the temps stayed below 70. The road was a bit washed out and soupy in places but overall, not bad. I decided to take enough water for the run (not enough calories though…DOH!) instead of utilizing the spring. I’ve been up this road dozens of times but had never run to the top, so I was excited! The road is pretty gradual and the views are great so, other than feeling out of shape, I was loving it! I topped out at 1:11 but Strava didn’t recognize my arrival (there is an uphill segment as well as a downhill) until a few minutes later because I was walking around the peak area for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t see much because of the clouds so I headed back down. I dealt with a little cramping and ran short on calories but made it to the bottom unscathed! I was happy to see that although I wasn’t quite the fastest uphill, I did enough to finish the round trip with the fastest time! This time of course, could be brought waaaay down!! I’m just here to get the party started for others who want to blow my numbers away! Enjoy!!