FKT: Rob Mason - Australia's 15 Highest Peaks - 2023-01-22

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Australia's 16 Highest Peaks
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7h 5m 34s

A fantastic day out in the mountains. With the old Aussie 15 highest peaks course being changed a couple of times and having a couple of mountains not actually in the 15 highest peaks, this new 16 peaks is a cracker.
I carried a Salomon pack with enough food and water to get me through the day without having to use my water filter to fill up from the rivers. Still lots of snow on the course which made it even more beautiful. Using my phone to navigate, I made a couple of navigational errors when the battery was low which added some more scenery to the route (!). 
Some thunder to the West after sunrise had me worried that I may have to abort the attempt after a couple of hours, but the rain and clouds stayed away.
I went anti-clockwise heading up to Mt Twynam first  where I was greeted by the gorgeous first light and a huge snow drift in the saddle between the summit and  Little Twynam. 
There are a few tough sections but the majority is runnable and open. 
Thanks to Keithj for this updated course - awesome work in creating this. 
I loved it.