FKT: Rob Peters - North Country Trail, Mackinaw City - Petoskey (MI) - 2021-09-06

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1d 1h 13m 6s

I had a lot of great wild-life sightings: belted kingfisher, black-throated blue warbler, red-bellied snake, sandhill crane, blue winged teal, lots of frogs, garter snake and I got to hear coyotes. This route is AWESOME.

I carried ~9000 calories (way more than I needed, but oh well). I started with 2.5 L of water. I filtered water 3 times along the way. There are plenty of places to filter. I camped about 34 miles into the journey and enjoyed my morning at camp (rather than cut short my night, since there wasn't really a time to beat in this case). I ran a lot and hiked some too. I walked a lot at the end of each day. I traveled alone, but occasionally saw strangers on the trail. I really want to come back and run it continuously with fresh legs and without all that gear. You pretty much do not pass near any stores to buy food or water. I also did not see any places with public water faucets, but one sign said there were some at a community building.