FKT: Rob Ulm - Chief Illini Trail (IL) - 2018-03-15

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 56m 59s

On Thursday, March 15th I completed a self-supported out & back on the Chief Illini Trail (a National Recreational Trail) located alongside Lake Shelbyville near Findlay, Illinois.


The trail runs for 11.3 miles one-way. I started from the South Trailhead from the Lone Point Recreation Area at 9:44am reaching the North Trailhead in 2:31.02 at 11:15am near the entrance of Eagle Creek state park.  I arrived back to Lone Point at 2:41pm with a total time of 4 Hours 56 Minutes and 59 Seconds.


The run was documented on my Strava account.  My gps mileage was a little off by .5 miles both on the out & on the back with total distance for the trail markings listed at 11.3 miles and 22.6 roundtrip.  (The Strava listed the run at 21.7 miles, but I actually ran a little longer than the 22.6 miles due to some missed turns & back tracking)