Route: Chief Illini Trail (IL)

Illinois, US
21.7 mi

The Chief Illini Trail is an 11-mile scenic journey along the western edge of Lake Shelbyville, near Findlay, IL.

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Tomorrow morning, I'm going to attempt the FKT for the Chief Illini Trail.  Plan is to start around 8:30am local time.  I'l be going unsupported and brining Ashley Dodge who will be establishing the women's FKT (we won't be running together but will be on the trail at the same time).  Expecting 1-3 inches of snow tonight.  Should make for a super fun run in the morning!  Will update after the attempt ;-) 

Hello!  I'm putting together a hastily planned run of this trail, out and back, for tomorrow.  My husband will be along for support and maybe exploring some of the trail himself.  Hoping for better conditions than Josh had!

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Tomorrow morning, I'm going to attempt an unsupported FKT for the Chief Illini Trail. 

The plan is to start around sunup from the Lone Point Access Trailhead.

FKT attempt went well for the point-to-point effort portion arriving at the Northern Terminus turn-around in 2:04.42.

Made a wrong turn on the route in adding some additional miles to the return trip arriving back in 5:07.28 for a total mileage of 24.63.

No round-trip FKT, but still enjoyed a day in the woods!

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This Saturday June 20th 2020 I will be attempting the unsupported FKT of the Chief Illini Trail. I plan on starting around 7am at the Lone Point Rec Area trailhead. I’m doing an out and back. Hopefully the trail is not too overgrown in June. 

Finished the route unsupported in crazy rain. I set a slow time of 8:10:21. So that should be very easy for another woman to beat. I’ll formally submit it tomorrow when I get home. 

Planning a FKT attempt for the round trip Saturday, October 3rd from the North Trailhead.  Starting around sunrise.

Unsupported attempt went well with a finish time of 4:09.57

Effort has been submitted to Fastest Known Times for verification.

I plan to run this tomorrow out and back starting at Eagle Creek. Not really trying for FKT, but since my previous one was so slow and the weather will be better, I could possibly beat my own previous FKT.