FKT: Robert Brosh Jr - Mason-Dixon Trail (DE, MD, PA) - 2020-08-29

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8d 12h 27m 0s
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  • Day 1 (8/21):  "Left Whisky Springs at 5:25 AM. Arrived at Wago Junction/ Wago Club around 7:30 PM to camp for the night. 41.2 miles logged in on first day. Beautiful Weather and Scenery on the Trail! Thank you Everyone for your encouragement and support!"
  • Day 2 (8/22):  "From Wago Junction, I made it approximately 30 miles or a little less and had to end for the day due to darkness in the forest. A lot of technical scrambling over rocks and climbing up and down multiple gorges originating from the Susquehanna River in the second half of my day was demanding! Primitive camped about 7-8 miles before Otter Creek Campground and the famous Urey Overlook. All good!"
  • Day 3 (8/23):  "I traveled from a primitive camp spot prior to Otter Creek Campground to another primitive spot near Oakland Run. A technical issue and a misdirection caused me some lost time but I gritted it out successfully. Hoping for greater mileage tomorrow!"
  • Day 4 (8/24):  "Today was a much better day than yesterday in terms of miles covered. From Oakland Run primitive campsite I made it to the Summit of Bald Hill above the Susquehanna River (where I am primitive camping), approximately 30 miles total. My travels brought me past beautiful but rarified and rustic Peavine Island. I also had the pleasure to run by the historic Mason-Dixon Trail marking the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania."
  • Day 5 (8/25):  "This evening I arrived at Susquehanna State Park where I am primitive camping for the night. I have traveled a total of 122 miles, withe goal of completing the 201 mile distance of the entire Mason-Dixon Trail. I was blessed with some beautiful views of the Magnificent Susquehanna River! In my travels I also passed in close proximity to Colonel Rigby's house (circa American Revolution) where Layette quenched a mutiny and mass desertion of Continental troops under his command. Lafayette utilized the strategy of diplomacy to encourage the troops to stay by his side on the way from Maryland to Yorktown to aid George Washington in a key battle that helped to end the Revolutionary War."
  • Day 6 (8/26):  "Day 6: Today I traveled from Susquehanna State Park to my camp spot in the vicinity of historic Principio Furnace where shot and cannonball were made for the Patriot Effort. I wish I had made more progress but sore blistering feet hampered my progress. Will try a significant shoe adjustment first thing tomorrow morning. Aside from this, I enjoy seeing such rich American History in the Mid Atlantic! Today I passed the famous Rodgers Tavern where George Washington frequented on his travels. I am privileged to be engaged in this Adventure and keep close to my heart the fighting courageous spirit of individuals who adapt their lives due to a genetic disorder such as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. "
  • Day 7 (8/27): My travels took me from Principio Furnace all the way through Elk Neck State Forest, camping in my bivy in a kind person's yard who shared his Bertucci Pizza! This was a major day of mileage, and demanding on the body.
  • Day 8 (8/28): Big running day moving through White Clay Creek State Park, and camped at the Arc Corner Monument (DE), marking the border of PA with DE. Feet are quite sore with blistering, but aim to finish the 201-Mile Mason-Dixon Trail tomorrow.
  • Day 9 (8/29): Began at 4 AM, on trails through White Clay Creek Preserve. I followed White Clay Creek, around Somerset Lake, and traveled through Auburn Heights Preserve. Finished at Chadd's Ford, PA at  5:52 PM. 201-Mile Mason-Dixon Trail Self Supported Complete!