Route: Mason-Dixon Trail (DE, MD, PA)

Delaware, US
Maryland, US
Pennsylvania, US
199 mi
Vertical Gain
19,600 ft

The Mason Dixon Trail connects the Appalachian Trail with the Brandywine Trail. This 193 mile long trail starts at Whiskey Springs, on the Appalachian Trail, in Cumberland County, PA and heads east towards the Susquehanna River, passing through Pinchot State Park en route. The trail then follows the west bank of the Susquehanna south to Havre de Grace in Maryland Across the river, the M-DT continues east, passes through Elk Neck State Forest, then on to Iron Hill Park in Delaware, north along the Christina River and White Clay Creek to the White Clay Creek Preserve. The trail then heads northeast to its eastern terminus at Chadds Ford, PA on the banks of the Brandywine River.

-- from Mason-Dixon Trail System

GPS Track


I will be attempting to set the Self Supported FKT of the MDT the week of August 20. In doing so, I will also attempt to set the overall FKT for the trail as well. My actives can be followed on Instagram ( and Strava ( 


Self Supported-I will NOT have anyone following, or otherwise meeting me in prearranged manner to give me support. I plan to do this hike ... as a backpacker, carrying all of my food, equipment, and water [note that using natural water sources along the route is allowed] between resupply towns, which I will walk into and purchasing food, in these towns. ...I will not be getting in a vehicle for any reason during this attempt, if I do it means the attempt is off.

Hi all! My buddy Dustin and I will be doing a self-supported FKT attempt of the Mason-Dixon starting this Friday (Oct. 4th, 2019). We're excited to see the full length of this trail at what should be a nice time of year. 

We can be tracked via SPOT ( and, when in cell service, will throw some posts/photos/etc on twitter ( and possibly on IG (

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Not my own runs, but I know he's too humble to ever submit them. Eddie Pantoja has knocked the Mason-Dixon Trail out of the park multiple times, setting FKTs for Supported and Unsupported runs.

Supported in 62:56:22, in a team effort with David Lantz in December of 2019:

Supported in 54:35:51 in May of 2020:

Unsupported in 77:52:29 in August of 2020:

I'll be attempting the self-supported FKT of the Mason-Dixon Trail.  I'll be leaving Whiskey Springs heading east this Thursday (5/20) about 8am.  Updates will be posted on Twitter (

I'm going to give the self-supported FKT another go.  Leaving Whiskey Springs Friday (10/8) morning.  Updates will be posted on Twitter (

The current Mason Dixon Trail map set (MDTS 2020-print, Map 7) says no foot traffic is allowed on the Route 40 Bridge (near Havre de Grace, MD) and advises people to catch the Teal Line Route 7 bus or a taxi across.

For safety, the FKT route for the Mason Dixon Trail acknowledges vehicle passage over the Route 40 Bridge section for all categories of attempt (unsupported, self-supported, and supported) as an exception to the normal standards that apply to those categories.

Will attempt an unsupported MDT FKT, starting on August 24th.