FKT: Robert Rives - Cohos Trail (NH) - 2015-07-25

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Starting on either July 22nd or July 29th, 2015 (depending on long-range forecasts), I will begin a self-supported fastpacking effort on the 165-mile Cohos Trail in northern New Hampshire. To my knowledge, no specific speed efforts have ever been attempted on this trail, with the current FKT being somewhere in the range of nine days according to the Cohos Trail website. I am aiming to take four days on the trail, carrying a 25-liter pack and resupplying from pre-set caches at five road crossings. I am hoping to have live SPOT tracking capabilities while on the trail. This effort is a part of the Humanity Running project, which aims to connect notable running efforts with environmental and humanitarian issues faced by local communities. Here are the details for the Cohos Trail effort.

I'll be posting planning updates to the Humanity Running blog as the start dates get closer. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: Starting on the 22nd, around 7AM. You can follow my SPOT track (in 24-hour intervals, I believe) here: [data lost]

I'll be writing up a report with photos soon; my total time was 2d18h on the nose. The Cohos Trail is one wild, wet, remote beast of a path! Except for some obvious spots in the southern Presidential area, I was almost always alone. It was a really special and different wilderness experience, a stark contrast to a typical outing in the Whites. Have fun getting after it!

UPDATE: Full report can be found here: