FKT: Robert Rives - Cross Vermont Trail - 2018-05-20

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19h 19m 0s

The deed is done, and I have a village to thank.

From 11:57 AM yesterday until 7:14 AM today, I ran across the state of Vermont using the current route of the 90-mile Cross Vermont Trail. Along the way I was met by many amazing friends who ran miles alongside me, supported me with food and drink, or encouraged my progress. I was hoping this run would be a familial experience and it exceeded my wildest expectations.

LauraWillRainbow Sweets BakeryCross Vermont Trail Association, Satchmo, Danielle Blanca, Caballito Blanco, LennyRowan, thank you so much for your roles in this adventure. Eli, your tireless support and companionship made the journey so much more rich than it ever could be alone.

More words later. Suunto Movescount crashed during sync so the data might be a few days from getting retrieved from my watch; in the meantime, enjoy the Garmin InReach map.

PC: Danielle Blanca

Robert had a public inReach track during the run.