FKT: Robert Rives, Jonathan Harrison - North South Trail (RI) - 2012-02-28

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19h 38m 0s

Jon and I began our run from the Massachusetts border at 6:12 AM on 2/27 and dipped our feet in the Atlantic ocean at 1:50 AM on 2/28, making our time 19h38m for the entire 78-mile North South Trail. We approached this run without having any previous experience on this trail, and lost our way several times because of it, adding a fair amount of distance overall (we estimate running a total of ~87 miles with a total overall time of 20:33, including the approach to the trailhead). This was a fully supported run. Resurfacing injuries and lots of backtracking slowed us down considerably. Overall, we found the NST to be an incredibly scenic, interesting and varied trail.

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