FKT: Rodrigo Vellon - Washington & Old Dominion Trail (VA) - 2020-11-21

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6h 6m 0s

Ran the trail from west to east completely alone and unsupported, carrying a Camelback hydration backpack, a flip-belt with 12 SIS gels (only took 10), and Nuun electrolyte tablets. I only stopped at 2 public water fountains, no stores or handouts.
One of the biggest problems was that most of the water fountains were closed because of the pandemic, but managed to survive refilling at Smith Switch and right before Cedar Ln. So bummed that both water fountains at Vienna and restrooms were closed.
Lost some time getting off track by a couple of detours around the trail closure because of construction. Also, I needed to stop at some intersections and traffic lights that took some time.
Passed the marathon in 3:15 and the 50K in 3:55, it got rough afterward.
It was so nice that my wife, Christie, and some good friends, the Stillings, came with me to Purcellville and wish me good luck at the start!
Also, a great and pleasant surprise to see my friends, Miguel and Ileana, at Purcellville! He also ran the entire W&OD trail separately, so awesome, congrats! (We didn't run together).
And even better, they all were at the end to see us finish and celebrate!!
It was an awesome but brutal experience.
Total elapsed time for the unsupported FKT: 6:06:00
The great Mike Wardian still holds the supported FKT.
I might try the opposite direction in the future.

Weather at the start:
Partly Cloudy, 62°F, Feels like 62°F, Humidity 75%, Wind 5mph from WNW