Route: Washington & Old Dominion Trail (VA)

Virginia, US
45.3 mi

Michael Myers posted:

This is a 45-mile rail trail in northern Virginia

The fastest known time for the Washington & Old Dominion goes to Harvey Hall of Fayetteville, NC with a time of 5:29:44 from the 1995 running of the Andiamo W&OD Foot Race. [Female FKT of 6h34m02s by Ellen Komesarook in the 2009 race.]

Andiamo All Time Results

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February 20, 2019-1:47pm (ET)


Hey Everyone, I would like to attempt this FKT around February 23 or February 24, depending on when kids have soccer games and swimming.  I hope some people will come out and join me.  Thank you so much.


My email is:  Cheers,Mike


Hey guys, looks like February 23, 2019 starting from Purcellville at 5:00am...just FYI..

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I am planning to run the W&OD unsupported in the proper direction, from MM 0 in Shirlington to Purcellville. Perhaps it will be an FKT.

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Hello all!

I’m going to attempt the W&OD unsupported FKT on 12/30/19 starting in the morning from Purcellville and ending in Shirlington.  12/30 is my 40th birthday so this is my present to myself???!

My email is and I will post results on Strava on top of live tracking via Gaia or Garmin.   

Merry Christmas and thank you!!


Due to thunderstorms, this run will be moved to Tuesday, 12/31.  

I'm gonna try for the W&OD unsupported FKT on Sunday, 9/20/20.  I'll be going in the uphill direction from Shirlington to Purcellville, not just because I'm a glutton for punishment, but also because I'll finish close to home.  Whether I get the FKT or not, beers will be enjoyed in Pville at the end.  

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Hey crazy runners!

I guess I should share my intention of the attempt, so here it is!

I'm going to try the W&OD unsupported FKT tomorrow, Saturday, November 21st, from Purcellville to Shirlington. I will post the results once I finish. Wish me luck! ?

I am turning 48 tomorrow (Saturday, October 1), and what better way to celebrate than running the W&OD from Shirlington to Purcellville (supported). I am adding on some extra miles afterwards to make it 48 miles. The weather is looking interesting, but running isn't canceled because of the rain or wind.