FKT: Romain Mouton, Romain Favrot - Tour du Massif du Sancy (France) - 2020-08-13

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
8h 18m 15s
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The main goal was to take pleasure to run various popular hikes of the area in one day. As locals, we wondered why we never did it before :) Starting at Salon du Capucin in direction of Puy de Sancy, we really enjoyed the early start to climb in cooler conditions during the weekly heat wave, avoiding at the same time the risk of thunderstorm. We met other runners at the top of the Sancy, as well as backpackers waking up from their tent. Then, the path was our own until the descent from Puy de l'Angle in direction of Col de la Croix Morrand, where we refilled our water bottles & bags before the long stretch to Lac Servière. This stretched marked the end of the ridgy environment to enter a more foresty one. We didn't forget the punishing climb from Lac Servière to Col de Guery, but still, it was no fun. We needed another refill of water at Col de Guéry before continuing, facing the wind in direction of Banne D'Ordanche, then take left just before climbing to the ridge of Puy Gros. Until there, we are in known area. The final part consists to go down to the village of Mont Dore and going up to Salon du Capucin. The descent follows an amazing secular trail, not so steep, not so technical, just enough for having fun. The going up from Mont Dore was no fun as it is on ugly trail, hopefully linked by some beautiful trail. We arrived just on time to get a fresh drink at the finish line and to avoid lightening and rain. We weren't running fast, but consistently, eating some bars every hour or so, and enjoying our time. Our FKT is self supported as we begged for water at Col de la Croix Morrand and take some of the restrooms at Col de Guéry.