FKT: Rory Beyer - Bolinas Ridge to Bridge (CA) - 2021-10-31

Route variation
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Total time
4h 26m 46s

This wound up being fantastic timing for an adventure, and subpar timing for running fast... Starting out from Olema the first few miles were decently wet and muddy, and basically running through a cloud (which provided a nice mist / kept things cool). But then trail conditions degraded fast. Until Pantoll, the run became characterized by A) SO MANY DOWNED TREES AND BRANCHES, B) Mud, deep puddles, and more mud, and C) Mist turning to rain turning back to mist. The trails have clearly not recovered from the atmospheric river thing last weekend, and the added rain this week / today certainly didn’t help. The number of times I had to stop to step through downed trees, or hurdle over branches, or tiptoe jump through really deep muddy puddles kept things very entertaining. I saw a handful of bikers grinding through the mud, and was not envious in the slightest. The last ~10 was a hilly suffer-fest during which the legs blew up a little but hey that was expected. The bright spot of the day was that when there were gaps in the clouds it was one of the clearest days I can remember - the mountains were vivid, the city looked super close, and you could see way further out the horizon than I’ve seen in super long. I carried enough water that I didn't need to refill, although I did notice the spigot at Pantoll. What an afternoon, and a great way to complement Outside Lands the day before!