Route: Bolinas Ridge to Bridge (CA)

Submitted by steveo on Sun, 08/02/2020 - 11:28am
California, US
31.58 mi
Vertical Gain
4,959 ft

Run Bolinas Ridge from Sir Francis Drake Blvd all the way to Golden Gate Bridge.

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Answer to Ashly's question that section of trail has been closed for years do to bridge being washed out. I have run many races on that stretch of road just stay on creek side of road facing incoming traffic from tourist.

Bridge is now back up at the junction of Deer Park and Miwok. Use this route for all future attempts because this is the most direct and original way.


Just hoping to confirm that any new attempts at this route should use the most direct route, crossing straight across frank valley road from deer park to redwood creek and using the bridge that's been rebuilt, will be accepted as an FKT attempt. Thank you!

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I've done the majority of this route before and find it a lot more enjoyable starting at the bridge and ending in olema. I'm wondering if an FKT would be accepted for running it in the opposite direction? It seems like it would since both ways you start and finish at sea level?

Unless there are unique circumstances or a premiere route with historical precedent for communities actively tracking each direction (think Appalachian Trail or something) the standard guidelines say "just do whichever direction is faster." Out & back would likely get accepted though, as that's a vastly different experience!

Thanks Matt! Pending weather I will plan to go for this FKT this Saturday and will likely run from the bridge ☺️ 

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Taking a stab at this in the late morning tomorrow. Not intending to push overly hard but will give it a solid effort.

One thing I noticed: the GPX on the site here takes Dipsea from Cardiac instead of Deer Park. The current fastest takes Deer Park (arguably slower in some ways than Dipsea). Do we care at all what happens in that section? Officially the Bay Area Ridge Trail takes the fire-road.

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I was waaaaay off pace for an FKT, but managed to knock out this route on a longer 40mi run from the Bolinas Ridge Trailhead, back to my hotel downtown.