FKT: Rory Beyer - Yosemite Falls Trail (CA) - 2020-08-15

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1h 26m 52s
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In the morning, I hiked this trail to Yosemite Falls / Yosemite Point with friends. I was planning to go for a run that afternoon anyway, and so I decided to give it a shot running up and down the Yosemite Falls Trail. Starting at the street parking for Lower Yosemite Falls, 0.75 miles on the front and back end was getting to / from the start of the trail (the sign at the edge of Camp 4). I mostly ran the entire trail up, with the exception of a few brief bursts of power walking in the last mile where the footing is particularly rocky, the trail is particularly steep, and I was particularly tired from the first couple miles uphill (and the hike up to Yosemite Point earlier in the day)! To make this a true TH-TH run to Yosemite Falls, I didn't feel right turning around at the trail junction sign at the top of the main uphill, and instead opted to run to the middle of the bridge that crosses Yosemite Creek and turn around there. I think that either doing that, or running to the Yosemite Falls overlook are roughly the same and complete this TH-TH route, although I understand why the ascent route is just to the trail junction signs at the top of the main climb. The way down was exciting, with long sections of uneven rocks to deal with. One section ~1 mile from the bottom is completely sandy and that was the most glorious section of the entire downhill. Didn't carry any water along the way, and as this day was in the 90's, I promptly guzzled a full liter when I got back to the car!