FKT: Rosa Kwak - Mesa Trail (Boulder, CO) - 2023-08-13

Route variation
out & back post-2020
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 12m 51s
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Group of 4 LA girls came out to Boulder to do a FKT attempt at the Mesa Trail. We all started together and quickly scrambled our way across this beautiful mountain. 

Final thoughts:

  • This was tough and absolutely humbling. The ascents made power hiking the preferred and most forgiving way to climb.
  • How grateful are we to have the accessibility to run through stream crossings and fields of wildflowers? 
  • What an experience to do this with a group of girls who are all so badass and grounded! It allowed us to remember that we're all out here to have fun and push our bodies to the limits we often place on ourselves. We can do hard things and support each other while doing so! 
  • Shoutout Chloe Towns for being the brainchild of this trip, for gathering some pretty goofy LA girls to do this crazy thing!