FKT: Rubens Cesar Siqueira, Suzana Maria de Lima, Warley Junio Borges da Silva - ULTRA OURO FINO - 2022-06-04

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
13h 51m 18s
GPS track(s)

What did you do, and how did it go?

- Rubens, Suzana and Warley traveled the Ultra Ouro Fino counterclockwise. They left with a group of about 30 runners. Suzana accompanied Rubens and Warley all the way through, but she didn't register in apps. At the time, Ultra Ouro Fino was not yet registered with the FKT. So, unfortunately, she was not advised to register. Participants who participated on 06/04/2022 testified that Suzana was the only woman to complete the full distance of Ultra Ouro Fino.

- Rubens, Suzana e Warley fizeram o percurso da Ultra Ouro Fino em sentido anti-horário. Saíram com um grupo de cerca de 30 corredores. A Suzana acompanhou o Rubens e o Warley por todo o percurso, mas não fez o registro em aplicativos. Na época, a Ultra Ouro Fino ainda não estava registrada no FKT. Então, ela, infelizmente, não foi orientada a fazer o registro. Os corredores que participaram no dia 04/06/2022 testemunharam que a Suzana foi a única mulher a completar a distância total da Ultra Ouro Fino.


Did anyone run with you for any distance?

- Yes. Rubens, Suzana and Warley were accompanied by other runners.

- Sim. Rubens, Suzana e Warley foram acompanhados por outros corredores.


Did you resupply with food and, if so, how?

- Rubens, Suzana and Warley took their food in their backpack.

- Rubens, Suzana e Warley levaram seus alimentos na mochila.


Where did you get water?

- Rubens, Suzana and Warley collected water from streams and drinking fountains in Serra do Rola-Moça State Park.

- Rubens, Suzana e Warley pegaram água nos riachos e nos bebedouros do Parque Estadual da Serra do Rola-Moça.