FKT: Russ Tannen - Jubilee Greenway (UK) - 2020-04-19

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4h 42m 11s
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I’ve wanted to have a go a the FKT for a year or so and the FKT had stood at 5hrs 26mins until a couple of weeks ago when it was lowered to 5hrs 39seconds.

Decided to give it a go today, and managed to keep 2 meters distance at all times, also wore a mask for most of it and gloves the whole way. I went anti-clockwise from Victoria Park, to get the tight canal sections done before they were too busy. Wore a mask for all of the more central parts. I look extra happy in the pic going through Woolwich Foot Tunnel because the Greenwich Foot Tunnel was closed so for a few miles I was convinced it was going to be closed as well.

It was hard to navigate some sections so recon I did probably an extra mile of getting lost going into private estates trying to get onto the Thames Path, this time will definitely get lowered again. For now though, happy to hold the FKT.