FKT: Russell Seguin - Good Water Loop, Lake Georgetown (TX) - 2021-03-20

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 39m 58s

See 3rd paragraph (#33 Goodwater Loop FKT) on my website for full race report:

I ran alone, with a 1-liter water bottle with electrolytes that I refilled once from a public tap in the Camp Tejas park.  I had snacks in my pockets, but hardly ate anything other than my dextrose powder.  While I beat the current FKT, it didn't go so well in one section where a bunch of downed trees (from the epic Texas snow storm!) over about a 3-mi stretch caused me to get lost a few times, as my gpx squiggles illustrate!  I also stopped to take selfies at key verifiable points (usually mile markers)... did I over-do it?  Do you HAVE to stop and dig out your phone to take pictures?

I tried to follow your posted route as closely as possible.  I noticed that at about my mile 15, there was a left turn onto a trail at a sign for a trailhead access, and within 0.1 mi, they did a right turn off of the trailhead access path, onto a skinny "goat path" that wound around back to the main trail.  I managed to follow this by staring at the AllTrails route on my phone.  This "diversion" is clearly off of the main, labeled Goodwater Loop Trail... is it an essential part of the FKT, or could I run straight down the main trail (thus shaving off about 0.2 mi) if I decide to try to beat my record next winter?  It's not a big issue for me, since I now know the deviation, but it is NOT part of the actual trail, and seems confusing and pointless for anyone else giving the route a tray!

I also recorded the run with the AllTrails app (trying to follow the route gpx downloaded from your side), but I'm not sure how to share the source data, so I just included the jpgs they generate to "share" your results and the gpx files.  The run was broken into 2 pieces, because I accidentally stopped the recording at one point (while not moving), and immediately started a new one.  Let me know if I need to find out how to extract actual data from the AllTrails app.