FKT: Ryan Atkins - Oystermouth to Loughor Castle on the Gower Coast Path - 2023-05-13

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12h 36m 44s
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Gower Coast Path ( Oystermouth road to Loughor Castle) 

Started at 6:45am and finished at 19:21

Elapsed time 12:36:44

This was an amazing route which I have been dreaming of doing for a very long time. I grew up on the Gower as a kid and to run the whole coast was a dream come true.

This was self support I ran with all my food and water, I stopped at a shop in Port Eynon for my first water top up then the National Trust Rhosilli as there is a drinking tap outside, followed by Hillend campsite for outside tap for campers.

The weather was amazing and the best views. It is a run I will never forget.

And also I just want to add Oystermouth has a T in it, the route name was spelt wrong without a t.

Many thanks Ryan Akins