FKT: Ryan Burke - Great Trail in Gatineau Park (QC, Canada) - 2021-11-08

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Total time
3h 24m 42s
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BB8A4642.FIT109.57 KB

Beautiful day in the beautiful Gatineau Park. Had ran out of gels/salt caps etc, so maple syrup water and pickle juice (both diluted, though perhaps not enough..) saved me. Those hills man.. they get ya when you're over 27K..
This journey afforded plenty of chipmunk and red squirrel observation time. Bonus!
But anyway, back to the pickle juice, I don't know what I was thinking, experimenting at a time like this. Held it together, though I don't think my heels were quite flicking how they should've near the finish..
Shoutout to Martial Drainville for setting down such a stout time to chase! And to a legend aka Dad for the van support.

Didn't take any photos today, so the photos are from my first attempt 3 weeks ago when I bonked and DNFed.