Route: Great Trail in Gatineau Park (QC, Canada)

Submitted by Marc Fortier on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 07:26am
Quebec, CA
42.35 km
Vertical Gain
960 m

This route is just over 42kms of single track, double track, road, dirt roads and bicycle paths, and is part of the Great Trail (Trans Canadian Trail) all within the boundaries of the Gatineau Park.  It begins near the Wakefield parking lot where the trail begins under the highway right on the park boundary.

It meanders through wide hilly paths for the first 6km at which point it switches to a road section.  The road section lasts for approximately 4kms and takes you through the Lac Phillipe campground.  Views of amazing tree stands and eventually running right alongside the lake.

Once again, the trail switches to now a dirt fire road alongside the lake.  At the end of the lake, there is a transition and the next 16km section is a mix of single track and double track.  Many rolling hills and a few steep climbs.    

Following this section there is a road crossing at the 26.5Km mark.  At this time the trail becomes more and more challenging making the last 15.5kms difficult on tired legs.  These 15kms include rolling hills, steep climbs of single track and in sections the trail becomes technical as well with rocks and roots.  It also includes some amazing views of smaller lakes, the camp fortune ski hill and the skyline of the city of Gatineau and Ottawa from a lookout on the Skyline trail. 

Finally the trail meanders its way near Pink lake and makes its way to a 2.5km section of bicycle path where with all effort left these last 2.5km can be a quick finish to pick up some time. 

For mapping routes the Gatineau park map is very clear.


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