FKT: Ryan Burke - Great Trail in Gatineau Park (QC, Canada) - 2022-10-30

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Total time
3h 21m 57s

After Bromont 55, a surprise half marathon PB rip, and good workouts, something told me to keep the momentum going, or maybe it was just the autumnal peace and quiet of le Parc de la Gatineau calling me. In any case, When settling on this Sunday's long run, I decided to live by the motto 'Strike while the iron is hot', or something.
Basically the exact same conditions as last year’s run, but S->N this time, with most of the vert stacked at the start. Felt quite good tbh, but kept it pretty chill early on, which is always just such a big win for me. Ate two granola bars and a banana and steadily went through my nuun water (and saltstick caps, always) and was able to start to rip in the last 7k, so much better than last year and the pickle juice fiasco..
Lopped ~3 minutes off my time (*ninja emoji*). This route is absolutely beautiful; I love it. Somebody can grab this, especially in this direction, maybe a local Olympian? ;)