FKT: Ryan J. Atkins - Adirondack 46 High Peaks (NY) - 2019-07-29

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
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Total time
3d 5h 52m 0s

Start at established trailhead. Climb all of the "46ers" in the Adirondacks High peaks. Using help from pacers and support crew as well as vehicles to travel from trailhead to trailhead. Finish at final trailhead. All peaks must be climb on trails, on foot, by fair means.

3d, 5h, 52m (trailhead to trailhead). 3d, 3h, 9m (TH to final summit)

I set out at 2:19 am on friday, July 26th, from the ASRC trailhead, near the town of Wilmington. First peak was Esther.

I did the route in a fully supported style, enjoying the company of pacers for approximately 70% of the route. The previous record was Trailhead to summit, but I wanted to improve the style and go trailhead to trailhead. I'd like to propose that you must start at an official trail's Parking lot, which you can easily access by a basic 2wd vehicle.

I finished my trek at 8:11 am on Monday July 29th, finishing at the parking lot for the Sewards, off Corey's Road, Near Saranac Lake. Final peak was Emmons.

note: my watch died just after the summit of the final peak (emmons). I took the GPS data from my pacer, for this final section. I have photos documenting every summit.


I was with Ryan for part of his first and last days, and can attest to his completion of the route in perfect style. In addition to trailhead to trailhead timing, he avoided the private land shortcut(s) that prior record holders used. A super impressive achievement that betters the previous record (held by me) very significantly. Congrats Ryan!