FKT: Ryan James - Linville Gorge Hiking Circuit (NC) - 2023-01-28

Route variation
Hiking Circuit (34 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 26m 42s

Starting just before 7am on January 28th, I started from Pine Gap TH going counterclockwise. After going through the visitors center I did my best to follow the Red trail and the GPS of previous runs even though parts of the trail don't really exist anymore.

After getting up to Sitting Bear, the run gets much easier and it was nice to open up a bit. I topped of bottles at Table Rock gap and on the spring on Shortoff trail. I took my time crossing the river keeping my socks and shoes dry. Once after the MST, the Linville Gorge River trail was a grind. Luckily there were lots of water crossings to continue topping water off.

Good day out there. This run is definitely wild and scenic.