FKT: Ryan Kempson - Blue Hills Skyline Trail (MA) - 2020-03-21

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 18m 46s
GPS track(s)

Followed same route variation as Ben Nephew has in past. The routes always a challenge to follow with having to keep eyes focused on footing. They did a good job this year of putting new markers on trees.

Surprisingly the conditions were the best i have every experienced. Upper 40’s and Trail was dry but not dusty as it gets in the summer. Started around 10am which was bad choice with all the corona virus zombies out and about.

Always forget how brutal the rocks. Wore VJ MAXx shoes which have the best grip but because they grip so well on the rocks your feet heat up and blisters form. Always recommend to lube up your feet and maybe two socks.

Hopefully Ben goes at it again. I think with similar conditions sub 2:10 would be possible.