FKT: Ryan Phebus - Mt Whitney (CA) - 2018-08-17

Route variation
Whitney Trail ascent
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 6m 45s

Went into this run with the main goal being to get in a harder long run. But, if I found myself within reach of the FKT, I knew I wouldn't be able to help was the case. I barely nabbed the standard (Whitney Trail) ascent record coming in at 2:06:45 (previous record 2:08:20) Anyhow, I just couldn't crank enough on the descent and was way off of the RT FKT currently set at 3:20. Seems crazy that Vernon Morris, who set the RT record back in 91', didn't also claim the ascent record during his run? I came in at 3:32:25 roundtrip. I threw this in toward the end of a harder training block and I think, for me, it requires a focused build up. Or at least some fresher legs. Still pleased with the effort.