FKT: Ryan Sarka - Bald Mountain (Old Forge, NY) - 2019-08-30

Route variation
up & back
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Total time
17m 32s
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As I am adding this to the FKT site over a year past when I completed this run my details may be somewhat limited. This was a quick out and back run starting at the TH map/sign and running up the Bald Mountain Trail to the Fire Tower where I looped around the tower and continued the run back to the TH marker. The TH to Tower took me 09:40 to complete while the Tower back down to the TH took me 07:28 for a time of 17:08, rounding the tower and stopping to take a photo (which I can no longer find) brought me to my elapsed time of 17:32. I was fortunate to be in Old Forge during a nice and sunny stretch of late August, temperatures were mid to high 70s and the trail was dry. 


This route should be taken down due to it not adhering to FKT'.com's own set of rules for distance/vert