FKT: Ryan Stoddard - Beach from Seattle to Everett (WA) - 2020-04-11

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4h 27m 15s

Wow. Running along the beach in my booty shorts felt so good. Perfect conditions

Today is lowest tide day of April (low tide was -1.65’ at 2:14pm). I had perfect conditions, except for persistent headwind.

Thanks Abram for the route and inspiration

Thanks Kristin for car shuttle <3

A few notes about covid-19 and some precautions I took:

1. This route starts very close to my home
2. I stayed well over 6' away from the few people I passed out there
3. My wife/quarantine mate picked me up at the finish
4. I skipped golden gardens beach to comply with Seattle's temporary closure of the beach (but stayed west of the railroad tracks as suggested by Abram)