FKT: Ryan Tetz - Badwater to Whitney Duathlon (CA) - 2019-10-07

Route variation
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Total time
13h 16m 7s

The lowest to highest points in the US - lower 48, from Badwater (-282 feet below sea level) to Mt Whitney Summit (14,505'). My 3rd effort going at upping the record the last 5 years. Came out strong on the bike at the start. Had some lows in the heat climbing Whitney Portal and some excellent improvement on the mountain section (3:34:10). Excellent support by John of PJAMM Cycling via SAG and Sean O'Rourke on the mountain! I'm done. This finally feels like a near perfect effort on a multi year project. My single biggest athletic day to date? Wow!

The weather was neutral at best (mild head winds 100% from Badwater to Lone Pine), but still pulled in an excellent bike split. In a perfect ? world with all stars and the best possible conditions aligned it might be worth another 30 min. Was hoping for the first sub <13 hr, but I'm happy with this result!