FKT: Ryan Williams - Macedonia Brook Trail (CT) - 2018-09-14

Route variation
one loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 8m 29s
GPS track(s)

Clockwise singular loop of the Macedonia Brook Trail starting at the southern road crossing.
I grew up in northwestern Connecticut and lived there for most of my life. This was one of my favorite routes in the area as it provides some great runnable terrain, some very technical sections, and a handful of beautiful views as well as streamside singletrack. I had previously held the Strava CR on this loop and saw that it had been bested. I decided to take the trip south from Massachusetts and see if I could lower it a bit. I recall having a pretty nice day for it and was successful in taking the time down a little. Finished off the day by visiting Kent Falls Brewery for a few pints..a must do when in town.