Route: Macedonia Brook Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
6.3 mi
Vertical Gain
1,800 ft

This trail has stunning views but it comes at a cost. It has very tough terrain and steep climbs and one section is dangerous when wet or icy.The Macedonia Brook Trail is a 6.3 mile with 1730 ft of elevation CFPA Blue Blaze trail near Kent in Connecticut. Its close to the Appalachian Trail and Pine Knob Loop Trail .The trail is located within Macedonia Brook State Park. The highest viewpoint is at the top of Cobble Mountain where on a good day you can see the Catskills in the distance. Two sections of this trail are dangerous in winter, icy or wet conditions and I strongly recommend doing the loop in the direction I did it so that some of the steepest sections are upward not downward.

--submitted by Lee-Stuart Evans

Note if doing the 2-loop option you should do the loops in opposite directions!

Starting in 2018 the Macedonia Trail Race encompasses this FKT route.  The race course goes CCW.

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