FKT: Ryan Woods - Linville Gorge Hiking Circuit (NC) - 2020-12-20

Route variation
Hiking Circuit (34 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 48m 52s

Damn that was a challenge.  The first 7 miles are pretty bushwhacky.  Even finding the trail from the description listed was difficult.  I eventually put it together.  Kept a nice steady pace the whole route.  Fueled well with Sustainelite X, some maple syrup packets from The Maple Dude and some gummies that I can't remember the brand.  Topped off and pounded water at springs on the top of Shortoff and a creek spring shortly before Conley Cove.  Both were on the Avenza map.  Anyone looking to do this route should have that on their phone.  It's the only way to stay on course.  My buddy Tucker Deal joined me for the final 11 miles up the river trail.  Super grateful to have his support.  It was an extremely technical rocky finish and we were chasing daylight so it was nice to know that if things went bad he'd notify my next of kin.