FKT: Sage Canaday - Haleakala (HI) - 2022-01-19

Route variation
round trip from Kaupo
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 6m 29s
GPS track(s)

An amazing (and challenging trail!). Temps in Kaupo were high 70s and 90% humidity. I started just before 8am on 1/19/ the the ocean water on the beach next to Huialoha church. Split 1:15:42 at about 5.4 miles in at the park boundary fence. I only got off course slightly a few times in the tall grass and bushes from miles 3-4 in the ranch and it was only by about 50-100' off from side to side. Hit the Kapaloa cabin at about 12.3 miles in in 2:50. 

Hit the summit house over 10,000' at 4:08:33 as a halfway split...which I believe is a *supported* FKT for the ascent as well.

Turned around and told my crew (which helped me resupply on the summit) that I could probably crack 3 hours for the descent. Split 5:20 elapsed time at the Halemau'u Trail junction around mile 26.7. The downhill ended up being more challenging for me as the temps and humidity increased and I ran into a couple tree branches and got cut up quite a bit. The tall grass and bushwhacking sections also did not help with this as I was just trying not to break my legs on the uneven ground! I also ran out of fluid to drink for the last 5-miles or so which made me feel quite dehydrated at the end. Finished on the beach by Huialoha church with a total time of 7hrs 6min and 29 seconds. Video clip up on my Instagram @sagecanaday. Thanks to my crew Sandi Nypaver! Also shout out to Andrew 0'Connor for the FKT route info and report which was very useful information!