FKT: Sam Linnet, Nate Bender - Pioneer Trifecta (ID) - 2021-06-12

Route variation
open course
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Finish date
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8h 8m 35s

Nate Bender and I completed the Pioneer Trifecta on June 12, 2021 in a time of 8:08:35 after friends Jakub Galczynski and Ben Stout put up the route in 2020. The open route involves starting at the Hyndman Creek Trailhead sign, summiting Old Hyndman Peak, Cobb Peak, and Hyndman Peak, and returning to the Hyndman Creek Trailhead sign. Nate and I opted to summit Old Hyndman first, then do the ridge travers to Cobb Peak, then downclimb Cobb Peak and climb up Hyndman in an out-and-back fashion. It's more direct than the original route put up by Jakub and Ben, but it requires about 2 miles of 3rd to 4th class scrambling along a chossy, but beautiful ridge. Route finding was relatively straight-forward, but it does require some experience in navigating alpine ridges and off-trail terrain. The route begins on the Hyndman Creek Trail, transfers to the Big Basin Trail, and then meets back up with the Hyndman Peak trail just below Cobb Peak. The route has an incredible mix of scrambling and fast singletrack trail bookending the peaks. The ridge traverse is one of the best in this region of Idaho.

Nate and I both used climbing helmets for the ridge traverse and ice axes for the glissade down from Hyndman Peak. Depending on the time of year, ice axes are not needed. But, if there's snow, it's a great way to get off of Hyndman Peak. We did not use support or need resupplies, and we completed the whole route together. Water is plentiful, and we both ran with Katadyn water bottles to filter stream water. 

I'm sure this time can be improved, especially if you focus more on moving quickly than talking trash to your climbing partner. While this route is easy to access from the trailhead, it should be noted that it's in pretty rough and remote terrain. The route crosses serious exposure, and the rock is unstable. These notes aren't to scare you, but to make sure you're adequately prepared for route that requires respect and self-sufficiency.


Excited to see this FKT submission and route corrected, via ridge traverse. Thank you Sam Linnet and Nate Bender for keeping the Pioneer Trifecta torch lit. 

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What is this, trash talking during an FKT with Nate Bender ? ? ? who would have guessed ? 

Jokes aside, amazing effort dudes!