FKT: Sam Nylander - Roslagsleden (Sweden) - 2020-06-13

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22h 52m 29s
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I took on Roslagsleden as part of the virtual race Eco Trail Stockholm All-in 189.7k ( Roslagsleden is around 185k making it a suitable choice of trail from a distance perspective. Also, the trail is (was) largely unknown to me providing the opportunity for exploration and adventure. The time I achieved turned out to be lower than the current FKT – hence this report. (There are reasons to believe this FKT will not last long considering the high momentum in FKT attempts at the moment.)

In FKT-lingo my plan was to run self-supported using a heavier-than-usual race vest coupled with a combination of drop bags, public taps, supermarkets and natural water supplies. The logistics went well except that I failed to bring the cord to charge my mobile phone. This lead to emergency support from my in-laws at Wira Bruk (78km) where they met up, cheered me on and provided the missing cord. Hence I am registering my FKT-application as Supported.

It was a sunny summer day and the toughest part was between 40k-100k during the warmer hours and where the trail is more technical. When it started to cool down, my stride felt easier and the running became less strained. One key success factor in a long race like this is to avoid puncture, when running is no longer possible and you have to walk it in. This time my legs held up really well all the way to the finish in Grisslehamn. The last section is very scenic but at the same time it is in places gruesome with rocky terrain and where all four limbs are required to move forward.

The only piece of advice I have for the next runner is to have GPS-navigation assistance to ensure you do not need to spend time and energy on navigation issues. Also do not forget mosquito repellent if you have to stop or walk for even the shortest time in the woods during the night.