FKT: Samantha Cash - Catskills Fire Towers (NY) - 2019-08-23

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
10h 44m 59s

Started at 1:39pm from Red Hill Parking Area
-Red Hill ~ 2:05pm summit
-Balsam Lake via Mill Brook Rd trailhead ~ 4:39pm summit
-Mt. Tremper ~ 7:03pm summit
-Overlook ~ 9:03pm summit
-Hunter via Becker Hollow ~ 11:24pm summit
Ended at Becker Hollow P.A. at 12:23am

I signed into all registers. I chose a Friday afternoon/night because the popularity of this challenge prevented a single day weekend attempt (without illegally parking at multiple trailheads). There are separate Strava files because it was my first time using Strava. The small blue dolphin in some photos is Nin and he was with me the whole way. Thank you to all the fire tower volunteers for keeping the facilities and trails clean and for preserving these wonderful towers.