FKT: Sara Aranda - La Luz Trail (NM) - 2022-11-12

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1h 42m 47s
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Given the time of year and the cold temperatures, I began at the La Luz Trailhead at 11:32 a.m. as the temps were in the high 30s. The first 4.5-ish miles were sunny and dry, but once I hit the main talus & rock slide area, I encountered snow and ice. Thankfully, it was still "runnable" without traction (sometimes, only barely), but it did slow me down a little bit. I began to really worry that I wasn't going to make good time anymore, but when I reached the small saddle and saw that I was at 1h 30m, I knew that if I really booked the last mile and a quarter, I had a good chance! So I went for it. This last section was snow free and relatively flat. I passed the upper La Luz trail sign and kept going to the actual tram building per the description of the full route, for a finish time of 1h 42m 47s. Though my time isn't far off from Katie's 1h 45m, I'm grateful for such an accomplishment on such a gorgeous, inspiring, and obviously very difficult trail. The first time I visited La Luz, about a decade ago, I was in college and had just learned about a whole lineage of relatives I had in Albuquerque, so this trail holds a very special place in my heart. I dedicate this effort to their love and I am honored to be able to include my name on this list.