Athlete: Sara Aranda



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
La Luz Trail (NM) ascent Unsupported 1h 42m 47s
Wind River Peak (WY) car-to-car Unsupported 8h 21m 31s
Star Peak (NV) up & down Unsupported 2h 25m 41s
Yosemite Falls Trail (CA) TH-to-Tioga Rd (Valley Escape) Unsupported 2h 25m 43s
Utah Triple Crown (UT) Standard route Unsupported 10h 54m 1s
El Capitan (CA) TH-to-TH Unsupported 3h 31m 51s
San Jacinto Peak (CA) Cactus to Clouds (C2C2C) Unsupported 9h 42m 50s
Boy Scout Trail, Joshua Tree NP (CA) out & back Unsupported 2h 36m 19s
Reno to Rose (NV) Reno Arch to Summit Supported 5h 59m 44s
Sanitarado (Boulder, CO) Sanitarado Supported 6h 49m 55s
High Sierra Camp Loop (CA) Standard route Self-supported 12h 22m 32s
Yosemite Valley Loop (CA) Standard route Unsupported 3h 24m 49s
Wind River High Route (WY) Standard Point - Point Supported 3d 17h 20m 0s