FKT: Sara Boughner - Teton Crest Trail (WY) - 2020-08-08

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9h 6m 41s
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Such a beautiful day on the Teton Crest Trail! I'm sure this time will fall soon as I walked several runnable sections. Someone with speedier legs, on a cooler day, with fewer people out on the trail could throw down a fast time!

Got a little confused about where the end truly was, so made it to the first kiosk and stopped the watch and took a pic. Then realized I should double check and ran over to the second kiosk for the final pic. Not quite sure which one counts, but I listed the total time to the second kiosk, accounting for the extra elapsed time. If the end was at the first kiosk, then the time should be 9:05:41.

Thanks for a spectacular route! This is one of the best 40mi sections of trail I have seen! It was a little hot, but water was abundant.