FKT: Sara Niccoli - Adirondacks - Grey, Skylight & Marcy (NY) - 2020-06-30

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7h 27m 9s
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This can be run/skipped much faster by a faster person on a more favorable day [and I know has, at least by Sarah Keyes] but there’s no FKT listed for women so let’s fix that. We’re out here, fast and slow, old and young, hauling ass in the mountains! Slept at Heart Lake Wilderness Campground, rolled out of tent, started running. Steady rain for the first 3-4 hours, turned to mist, finally stopped toward end. Wet, slippery conditions and bones that prefer not to be broken made things very slow going. Would choose a shoe with more aggressive sole to do again. Lots of water to wade through and washed out trail on way to Lake Arnold from Grey. Plenty of options for water refill even on a dryer day. All in all everything went right that needed to!